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What's this

An SMS gateway is a tool that allows your web application to send SMS via mobile phone.

The sms of your phone plan can be used smartly if the smartphone becomes a sms gateway!


  1. Install the SmsWay interface via playstore    restful
  2. Install the SmsWaySender module (apk downloadable from here)
  3. Start the SmsWaySender app (later you can put it in the background or close)
  4. Launch the SmsWay app and register
  5. By pressing on the menu    and then on Apikey it is possible to obtain the key to be used in the api (the key can be changed via the interface)

The SmsWaySender module cannot be installed via the playstore because in the latest version of Android some restrictions have been introduced in the sending of sms that would prevent its correct operativity.

smsway apikey

Your phone plan

The work done by SmsWay is independent of your phone plan.

For example, if monthly text messages can only be used nationally, when an SMS is sent abroad, the telephone company will apply the rates indicated at the time of subscription.

Consult the rules of your telephone company to know exactly the conditions of your monthly plan.

How does it work

After having installed the apps you can immediately send sms thanks to the welcome bonus of 1000 smsToken!!

From your web application, simply use the commands described in the api section

Test it now

  1. Installa le app (SmsWay ed SmsSender)
  2. Compila il form sottostante (l’apikey si ricava dall’app SmsWay (Dot menù    → Apikey))
Your Apikey
Text to be sent
Recipient phone
  • Apikey: preferably insert without separators
  • The recipient's phone must include the international prefix Ex: 39-380-12345678.It is preferable to indicate the number without separators.
  • Before sending sms abroad look at the rates of your service provider.
  • In the rest version it is possible to indicate other parameters, for example the sim to be used in the case of dual sim devices.
  • The data entered are processed in accordance with the terms described in the document Privacy

Advantages and costs

Every month the text messages of your telephone plan remain unused and are irretrievably lost.
SmsWay uses this resource which, being not used in any other way, can be considered at no cost.

Every time you send an SMS SmsWay climbs an SmsToken (the first 1000 we give them away!!).

For example 100 smsToken have a unit cost of 0.012E.

Once the SMS tokens are finished, it is possible to purchase directly in-app through Google Play Service (remember that the payment system accepts both credit card and PayPal)

You can find the updated rates directly in the Shop section in the app.
in-app payment

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